Nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is…not important. At least at this point. I will say that I am 18 years old. If you are around my age group, you know how hard it is to be a teenager nowadays. There is so much pressure to be perfect in school, to have the most friends, etc…but what about those of us that don’t see the world like that? What if you were born different? What if you don’t fit in?

That’s how I felt and how I still feel. Luckily, I’m on my way to embracing myself and my wide array of interests. This blog is all about coming closer to the ideas I have been drawn to my entire life, away from the influence of others.

I want my posts to be my voice – I hope it reaches those who can understand me and who long to be understood themselves. My greatest hope is that the more I reveal about myself, the more you understand about yourself.

Until Next Time,

-Someone Like You

Valentine’s Day “Pre” Special

Hello again ~

I’ve always had night owl tendencies; tonight is no different. I thought I’d post one of my poems on the topic of love for this special time. Love is a beautiful experience, and I’m so glad to share it with my current boyfriend. My feelings towards love, however, have always been a double-edged sword. So, instead of the ‘typical’ lovey-dovey poem, I introduce to you love from the other perspective –

Here We Go Again –


It’s easy to shake me –

One step away from breaking.

Those that keep me close

Hold my lethal dose.


Why not up and bolt?

Hand two holds the antidote;

I need love. I won’t give into pain –

Not this time.


-I decided to love you-


From then, I let you in

And now, the wrong glance damn near kills me.

Just look at where I’ve been –

A hurt instilled so deep within.


These mood swings are reigning

I’m Internally obeying

My stability I’m feigning

I pray you don’t get sick of it.


Why not shut you out?

Healing means one way out

towards love, I won’t give into pain –

Not this time.

I’ll let you interpret this; tell me what you think in the comments. I’m glad to hear feedback and criticisms. If you like it, I have another poem focused on the same idea that I could share.

One note: love is not always equivalent to pain. I can appreciate both its light and dark sides. Stay tuned for a love poem of the Light side coming later on today.

Thanks for reading, and Keep Loving – ❤

Somebody Like You


I feel powerless. It is not out of despair that I write this post without a script, but courage. Although my identity to you is not known, I am admitting to myself and you that I feel that I do not have control over my life. I also cannot sugarcoat it as I would if I were planning this ahead of time. I am taking power over this feeling that all is out of control. The feeling that keeps me from acting and taking control because my attempts ‘are not perfect’. I woke up this morning with my third chakra begging me to let go of this complex…after days of inexplicable depression and disturbing dreams, I have found a root cause. Today, I am not allowing my mind to keep questioning: “Is this really good enough?” “Do I really have what it takes?” “Am I making the right decision?” Today, I am letting my third chakra take the lead. Any “mistakes”, or so my mind would call them, that come along a way will only put me in the right direction. Because I am tired of contemplation and waiting for the perfect opportunity. I will make the first step without a third thought because chances are, if a second thought confirms the first, then it was meant to be. I am stepping forward with complete trust in myself, and I am leaving behind others’ reactions. I cast myself as the lead role in my life and I will take this responsibility.

Build Confidence,

-Someone Like You

My First (Shared) Poem

Hello Again,

How have you been feeling today? It’s okay if you haven’t been doing so well. I’m depressed too. Something about me is that I have struggled with depression all throughout my childhood and adolescence. It’s still here…but so am I 🙂 and that’s the important part. What I do know is that depression is a catalyst for greater things. Without depression, I would not be so passionate about becoming a psychologist and understanding mental (or, to my current understanding, soul) maladies. Of course, there are so many things in my life out of my control that make me depressed, but they are not forever things. They will change.

Anyways, I want to share a poem I wrote almost a year ago. This is my way of saying hello to all you artistic souls –


I am real.

I am here.

But my mind is


Will I flail?

Will I stay captive to my past?

My future depends on the


Stay Alive,

-Someone Like You